They include voluntary representatives from 10 specialist departments: Dr. Sebastian Klemm (Production), Stefan Mengede (Energy Management), Axel Langmann and Stefan Ziemann (Product and Process Development), Eike Damm and Stefan Gummersbach (Cost Engineering), Amelie Erxleben and Nadine Hacheneuer (Purchasing & Supplier Development), Michael Brüggen (Sales), Jana Hupperten (Logistics), Marie von Herz (Project Management), Frank Latocki (Occupational Safety & Health) and Sebastian Weber (Environmental and Sustainability Management). In this interview, the #topteam reveals what they have already achieved and which projects they are currently implementing.

What have you achieved as a team?

“Our foundation in the summer of 2021 was the starting signal: Together, in line with our corporate strategy "WAY AHEAD", we developed a sustainability strategy that is the basis of our actions and our further development.

In the last few months, we have primarily created the basis for achieving climate neutrality in Scopes 1 and 2 by 2024. To give you some background: Scope 1 includes emissions from sources directly owned or covered by us, such as our own vehicle fleet. Scope 2 emissions arise from the use of energy that we purchase. For example, in addition to contractually switching to green power, we will install photovoltaic systems at our plants in Romania and Mexico. In addition, we are investing in the use of biogas.

We are currently working on a pilot project at Automotive Technology: Together with thyssenkrupp Management Consulting we are calculating the product carbon footprint (PCF) of our shock absorbers. The PCF comprises the total greenhouse gas emissions caused in the various phases of a product's life cycle. The method developed is to be a concept for further PCF calculations and serve as a basis in the segment's other business units.

Our sustainability initiative is meeting with great interest internally. This is also because our colleagues expect us to face up to these challenges as a whole company. However, the enthusiasm for the topic is not only strong among the employees, but also among our customers. We receive a lot of positive feedback - and that makes us very happy.”

How did you achieve this together?

“The key to success? The team with all its diversity. Each SustainaBilsteiner has "by nature" a different field of expertise and brings a different perspective to the table. And the team is open to everyone, anyone can join. Thus, the topic of sustainability is viewed very differently, and this area of tension gives rise to many great approaches to development. And: Communication is elementary. In addition to regular monthly meetings, the exchange of ideas and identification is particularly important in our workshops. Of course, there's no shortage of joint reflection and a finale in the evening, because the group feeling is very important to us.”

What does your performance mean for thyssenkrupp?

“Our activities are an important component in achieving the climate neutrality targets of Automotive Technology - and of the entire Group. In addition, sustainability is now a key factor in acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. And we're not at the finish line yet: Through cross-business exchange, we as thyssenkrupp are continuing to develop the topic of sustainability together!”


Congratulations to the #topteam of Automotive Technology for this great achievement!

Are you also part of a #topteams or do you know people who are? Then send us an email. We look forward to celebrating your successes together!

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