Innovation in the service of sustainability: How Steel Europe markets CO2-reduced steels 

The colleagues at Steel Europe in Duisburg are working flat out on the green future of our steel. One milestone on the way to climate neutrality is the development of two steel grades with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint. 


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Fit in 12 languages: healthier with artificial intelligence

To promote health, colleagues from the Occupational Health and Safety team have produced several exercise videos in a total of 12 languages.

"We can do much more than we have been doing."

Digitalization and artificial intelligence are two keys to corporate success, says thyssenkrupp's new CIO Claudia Engelhardt.

Driving the digital transformation

As digital lab manager, Tobias Eckhoff develops digital solutions that make work a little easier
Innovation & Technology

"We still have one of the most successful steelworks!", this time "tough as steel" in conversation with Bernhard Osburg, CEO of Steel Europe. In this talk we find out where the company stands in becoming a stand-alone solution, what great chances our guest sees in the green transformation, and what always makes him proud and confident in the face of numerous challenges.
Employees & Culture

3 Questions for Sebastian Kumpmann on Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are now one of the biggest risks for companies worldwide. We took this as an occasion to ask our Chief Information Security Officer Sebastian Kumpmann what the current state of affairs is, what we at thyssenkrupp are already doing for our IT security and what each individual can do to be on the safe side.