What is the current state of cyber security?

Hacker attacks have become one of the greatest risks for companies worldwide. The criminals proceed in a division of labour and very efficiently. They try to inflict the greatest possible damage on companies through sabotage or the theft of sensitive data and then try to extort amounts up to the high double-digit millions. Of course, this is also a very serious threat for thyssenkrupp. The positive thing is that the issue has now attracted the necessary attention in many areas of society. Our employees are also sensitised and take care to protect information when handling it.


What do we do for our security at thyssenkrupp?

In order to prevent security incidents as best as possible and to protect our IT infrastructure, we have the thyssenkrupp Cyber Defense Center (CDC). The experts analyse IT systems and networks for vulnerabilities so that these can be eliminated before criminals exploit them. In order to detect possible attacks at an early stage, the specialists at the CDC constantly monitor our IT landscape and look for traces of criminals. In the event of an attack, they then take the necessary countermeasures.  


How can cyber security awareness be raised?

Employees can help keep our IT secure. The basics for this are taught in the IT Security Online training courses in four modules. The rules of conduct presented there contribute immensely to our IT security. After all, they form the most important firewall a company can have.

Help protect your company. Register directly for the IT security training courses:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

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