For a coffee with Miguel López at thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe

Getting to know thyssenkrupp in all its facets - that's high on the list of priorities for our CEO Miguel López. And the best way to do that is on site at our locations. Since his start on June 1, 2023, our CEO has visited various plants in different segments. In the process, he gained insights into the workflows, production processes and challenges on site.

But it's not just the products and their manufacturing processes that interest Miguel López. Direct and open exchange with the employees on site is at least as important to him.

Miguel López and Thorsten Koch, Chairman of the Works Councils’ Working Group Automotive Technology

That's why, in addition to discussions with the management, the co-determination committee and the employees at their workplaces in the plant, eight to ten colleagues from all hierarchical levels are invited to a "coffee with Miguel López" or sometimes to lunch. They have the opportunity to ask the CEO their very personal questions, but also to address things where there is potential for improvement. In the open Q&A session, which sometimes starts with a discussion about soccer, Miguel López is interested in learning as much as possible directly from his colleagues about their work - whether it's about the technologies they work with or, for example, the team spirit at work. "Knowing what drives employees is very important to me. It helps me understand thyssenkrupp holistically and make the right decisions as CEO," says López.

Plant tour at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg

Among other things, the visits also focus on performance in the company and how it can be improved. At Steering in Liechtenstein, for example, the colleagues presented innovative steering systems, while at Materials Processing Europe in Krefeld the focus was on state-of-the-art processing of steel for the automotive industry. The green transformation and its importance for thyssenkrupp is also a recurring theme. At Uhde in Dortmund, for example, the focus was on the opportunities this presents for the company. At Steel in Duisburg, one of the topics discussed was how a direct reduction plant will allow CO2 emissions to be cut.

The visits so far were just the beginning, the next site visits are already planned and more will follow.

I am looking forward to meeting motivated GENERATIONTK employees at further sites of our global innovative business units!

Miguel López

Would you like to learn more about Miguel López? Click here to watch his introduction video.

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