The bicycle leasing offer is a building block of sustainable mobility and modern work culture at thyssenkrupp. The team - consisting of Andreas Atorf, Melanie Bade, Madeleine Büser, Frederik Emrich, Christopher Fricke, Nicky Gromeleit, Isabella Gurr, Maren Haimhof, Peter Herrmann, Daniela Hilberath, Bernd Kaiser, Miriam Laue, Lukas Reetz, Stephan Rennen, Eva Maria Terhörst, Marc Welp and Alexandra Ziegler and other committed colleagues - took the idea from the L&A project and got it rolling. The first successes can now be recorded across all segments: The operational rollout extends to 50 German companies, over 10,500 employees have shown interest in bike leasing and almost 4,000 tkBikes are already on the road.

What have you achieved as a team?

Our aim was to establish bicycle leasing at thyssenkrupp as a matter of principle. The call for more sustainability and climate protection has become louder and louder in recent years - even on the daily commute to work. With the introduction of the tkBike offer, thyssenkrupp is now giving its employees in Germany the opportunity to lease the bike of their choice at particularly favorable conditions. This not only creates an environmentally friendly alternative for commuting to work, but also enables sustainable transportation in leisure time. The tkBike helps thyssenkrupp employees to get their favorite bike (cheaper) and actively supports our personal and corporate goals for a greener future.

How did you achieve this?

The beginnings of this project lie in the Lean & Agile project "Employee Mobility 2023" with its three specific sub-projects, one of which was the "Jobrad" (“job bike”) project. After a convincing Lean & Agile final presentation, we were given the green light for the cross-segment, Germany-wide implementation. The path from presentation to implementation within just (!) six months was characterized by intensive negotiations with internal stakeholders and external service providers. The process required careful coordination and a precise approach to ensure that all aspects of the project were taken into account. This included clarifying the actual implementation and the legal framework, as well as finding a suitable leasing provider.

What significance does your performance have for thyssenkrupp?

On the one hand, the rapid implementation of the tkBike underlines thyssenkrupp's determination to actively respond to the needs and wishes of its employees. Particularly with regard to increasing employee satisfaction and attractiveness for active and potential colleagues. On the other hand, the tkBike project represents an important step towards alternative and sustainable mobility. By offering innovative bicycle leasing options, thyssenkrupp is setting an example for environmental awareness and sustainable business practices.

We are delighted that the tkBike program has taken off so quickly throughout Germany. The positive response from colleagues and the overall great interest in the offer are the best feedback for our joint efforts. It simply makes teamwork fun.

You can read more interesting details about the implementation of the project in the interview with project manager Maren Haimhof on our internal website

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