At thyssenkrupp, we stand for diversity and respectful coexistence. We bring together many people, dreams, ideas and religions. For our company, diversity is an indispensable driver of innovation and progress. A lack of diversity not only harms the economy, but is also dangerous for society as a whole. The Management Board emphasizes the Group's clear rejection of discrimination and hatred.

"It is now the task of each and every individual to show that we are the majority, we are loud and we are open-minded," wrote Group CHRO and Marine Systems CEO Oliver Burkhard on LinkedIn, expressly calling on people to take part in the rallies against enemies of democracy. Group CEO Miguel López recently called the upsurge of German radical-right party AfD "dangerous not only for industry, but for society as a whole: we should do everything we can against discrimination and hatred. The AfD is damaging Germany."

Board member Ilse Henne also commented on LinkedIn: "My personal thanks go to the hundreds of thousands of people in Germany who have shown their support in recent days: Germany is strong. Not despite, but because of our diversity. Many people, dreams, ideas and religions come together in our country. This diversity is what makes us who we are and is our living heart," says Belgian-born Henne. She continued: "In Germany, in Europe and all over the world, we must stand up against hatred, hate speech and intolerance. Let's be loud together, because every one of our voices counts. Diversity is also an indispensable driver of innovation and progress in the economy. Together we are strong, united in our #diversity!"

There cannot and must not be a relapse into populism, exclusion and discrimination. In the knowledge of the history - of Germany, Europe and our company - we stand with conviction for a life in freedom and diversity, in democracy and the rule of law. The thyssenkrupp Executive Board says: #Neveragain!

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