What have you achieved as a team?

"With a lot of commitment we realized the organization of a 2-day international internal on-site event at thyssenkrupp. More than 200 participants from different areas came together to exchange ideas on various digitalization projects and the use of artificial intelligence. Accurate planning ensured that the event ran smoothly and all participants could benefit from valuable experiences. Inspiring presentations from experts brought new insights and perspectives to the stage, while interactive discussion panels offered the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics. This year's #DigiDays were characterized by stimulating conversations in which ideas and best practices were shared. The exchange of knowledge and experience between the participants is essential for thyssenkrupp to move forward together."

How did you achieve that?

"Organizing the event included designing the venue, coordinating schedules, and acquiring slots and allocating 15 exciting breakout sessions with innovative solutions from the thyssenkrupp group. Our plenary presentations were delivered by a mix of external and internal well-known digitalization experts who shared their insights and visions. The program was complemented by an exhibition with 11 interesting booths. The highlight of the exhibition was the digital control of a bucket wheel excavator model.

The success of the event is due to the diverse skills from the areas of communication, marketing, project management, event management and IT. Everyone enjoyed working together as a team, because it was not simply a matter of organizing an event, but also of enriching it with creative ideas. So #DigiDays 2023 went smoothly and was hopefully a great experience for all participants, too."

What is the significance (engineering.tomorrow.together) of your achievement for thyssenkrupp?

“Digitalization is a key driver of change and thus forms a necessary pillar of our group's economic development. In the context of digitalization, two fundamental pillars are crucial: technology and collaboration. Technology is created through collaboration and the exchange of ideas. And technology, in turn, supports collaboration. Technology breaks down barriers, strengthens communication and enables global networking.

This is what the Digitalization Days support on all levels."

Congratulations to the #topteam on this great achievement!

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