The #topteam tells us in an interview exactly how they developed this and introduced it in the company. Among them: Helene Leneschmidt, Tanja Nigbur, Fabio Ezio Frattesi, Yannick Fasters, Oliver Grewatsch, Márton Tóth, Valery Malave Matute, Marcel Neumann and Kirsten Klatt.

What have you achieved as a team?

We developed the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculator for various MX companies. This is based on a complex calculation approach that we developed specifically for Materials Services and which has already been certified by the international classification society DNV. This calculation approach makes it possible to determine the carbon footprint of each individual product in our portfolio very precisely at order and delivery item level - from production to delivery at the customer's gate ("from cradle to gate").

After successfully implementing the first calculator at the Materials Processing Europe operating unit, we have also introduced the topic at our companies tk Materials de México, tk Materials Hungary and tk Plastics GmbH. Other organizational units are already waiting in the wings. They too want to be able to deliver their customers the carbon footprint of their products.

However, getting there was not that easy. Our biggest challenge was to simplify the different product groups in such a way that an emission value could be calculated for each product in our portfolio in the first place. In addition, we had to provide the various input data to be included in the PCF calculator. Now all the mentioned companies in scope are well prepared  for the audit at the end of September and for receiving the certification.

How did you achieve this?

We used elements of agile project management to ensure that the MX companies receive certification within three months to calculate product carbon footprint data for their products.

To do this, we communicated with the members of the team on a daily basis. On the one hand, to keep the focus on our 2-week goal to be achieved, which we had clearly defined in advance. On the other hand, to share the progress of our tasks with each other. In a 2-week rhythm, we exchanged ideas with our contact persons in the companies. Their feedback helped us to continuously develop our approach and thus the project. Our team also regularly evaluated the quality of the collaboration, so that we could quickly adapt and improve our approach.

Thanks to the agile approach, we were able to react flexibly to all stakeholders, to business-specific conditions and to our customers. This was even more important because we were confronted with unknown influencing factors and at the same time we are a mixed, international team with very different requirements. The idea was to unleash the potential of our employees by creating a culture of autonomy, trust and collaboration.

This is how we achieved our goal and managed to maintain focus throughout the project, properly allocate scarce resources and make our success measurable.

What does your performance mean for thyssenkrupp?

Providing the Product Carbon Footprint calculator for all MX companies offers the possibility to accurately calculate the CO2 emissions associated with each product in MX's portfolio. In other words, we ensure emissions transparency for the entire supply chain and thus contribute to the sustainability strategy of Materials Services and thyssenkrupp AG. This is because indirect emissions in our value chain are to be reduced by at least 16 percent over the next few years.

The calculation of emissions data is an important milestone not only for the achievement of our own climate targets but also those of our customers: They receive accurate and certified carbon footprint values for their own PCF calculations.

Congratulations to the #topteam of thyssenkrupp Materials Services for this great achievement!

Are you also part of a #topteam? Then send us an email. We look forward to celebrating your successes together!

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