The UN Climate Change Conference is just around the corner and with it the topics of climate change and sustainability are on everyone's lips. Sustainable concepts and innovations also play a decisive role in the transformation of the Group of Companies. Martina Merz, CEO of thyssenkrupp, has repeatedly emphasized - tk must become greener - and the topic has also been addressed in the video podcast in recent weeks. For the entire management of the Group, the green transformation is a main component of its strategy.

thyssenkrupp plans to invest more in future technologies in the coming years. Martina Merz, Chairman of the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp, emphasizes this with a view to the various forward-looking topics. "Today our employees want to work for companies that offer secure jobs and contribute to a more sustainable society through innovative products. At thyssenkrupp we are well on the way to achieving this. On the subject of hydrogen as well as on the transformation to climate neutrality. We are now setting the course to invest in the future of our businesses."

Various CEOs explained in the video podcast what concrete contributions the individual companies can make to more sustainable business models at thyssenkrupp.

Driving the development of hydrogen: Volkmar Dinstuhl, CEO of Multi Tracks

"Hydrogen is one of the dominant topics of the future and that's where we as thyssenkrupp are excellently positioned. That's why we want to develop the hydrogen business further for thyssenkrupp. To this end we are currently examining various options. One conceivable option is an IPO of UCE. We are currently looking into this intensively."

Wants to grow further with e-mobility: Dr. Karsten Kroos, CEO of Automotive Technology.

"With the growth of e-mobility, we also want to grow. We are already involved in many different electric platforms today. This includes Tesla, Audi's e-tron, Volkswagen's ID.4, Daimler's EQS."

Leverages AI for greener supply chains: Martin Stillger, CEO of Material Services

"We are making very tangible impacts with our digitalization. For example, when we use artificial intelligence to optimize routes and thus simply save truck routes and fuel, and in this way the supply chain becomes greener than before."

Enabling the use of key regenerative technologies: Winfried Schulte, CEO of Bearings

"If you look at what topics are in the political and social discussion today, we are talking about areas in which Bearings, has been very successful for many years. For example, climate change and sustainability. Here, wind energy is a key technology. We are very well positioned there with our products."

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