In February 2022, employees of the tkVolunteer team, the Social Committee of tk GSG and representatives of the Human Resources Department founded an initiative: tk.ForUkraine.Together. The goal: to coordinate all activities that support refugees locally and people in Ukraine. The #topteam tells us in an interview about their projects.

What have you achieved as a team?

"In the last six months, we were able to implement a variety of projects. As an example, we present the following three activities:

1. We have set up a special channel on Microsoft Teams to share information about various charity initiatives (e.g. clothing, food, and/or equipment collections) held in Poland for people fleeing from Ukraine. Additionally, the channel is used as an information and exchange platform. For employees who welcome refugees in their homes and for volunteers who actively support activities - for example, organizing transportation, selection and distribution of donations.

2. In addition, we supported an external organization in running career workshops for refugees. While our colleagues from the Human Resources Department helped to write CVs, prepare for job interviews, and gather information about the Polish job market, other employees took care of the refugees’ children. This allowed the adults to concentrate fully on the workshop.

3. We have also run a special action to support children from Ukraine who have fled alone and found shelter in Poland: a three-month online auction of items offered weekly by our employees. All the money collected was donated to an organization that helps orphans from Ukraine."

How did you achieve this together?

“The key is dialog on a regular basis to build engagement around the common purpose. Employees receive information regularly, support if needed, and are encouraged to get actively involved.

The charity auction was one of our most exciting projects: every week, we presented three items on our Facebook profile that anyone could bid for - either as an individual or as a team. And there really was something for everyone: an extraordinary photo shoot, a delicious cake, a Brazilian samba course, fresh organic tomato plants or a picture painted on canvas. Everything was handmade and/or provided by employees. The auction was also supported by Martina Merz, who provided us with books that included her personal dedication. People could therefore help in two ways during this project. By either donating specific goods or time, or by providing financial support by purchasing the goods."

What does your performance mean for thyssenkrupp? 

"Our initiative shows what applies to the employees of thyssenkrupp: We support the people around us. Through our various activities, we were not only able to provide financial support to Ukrainian citizens. The initiative has brought us closer together and put a smile on people's faces - in a really difficult time. And the icing on the cake? If the charity auction had not happened, we would never have discovered the numerous talents of our employees." 

Congratulations to the #topteam from tk GSG for this great achievement! 

Are you also part of a #topteam? Then send us an email. We look forward to celebrating your successes together! 

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