However, to ensure that the topic does not disappear from everyday life, thyssenkrupp organises the annual days around 28 April, the World Day for Occupational Safety and Health. In 2024 under the motto: "Your health matters - keep on going": Actions on the six health topics Medical Screenings & Precautionary Examinations, Nutrition, Exercise, Resilience & Stress Management, Ergonomics and "we stop reloaded" are offered online for all employees and in a variety of ways at the local sites - including, for example, joint exercise actions, health checks, counselling services, a smoothie bike or we stop workshops.

No models. Real colleagues.

For the campaign on the we care days 2023 and 2024, thyssenkrupp employees were in front of the camera. Each of them representing one of the five health topics. For all the protagonists it was a completely new experience that they will not forget for a long time. We wanted to find out more and asked them: Who is the person behind the campaign faces and what actually motivated them to take part in the campaign?

Andreas Stapelmann

Andreas Stapelmann

Andreas Stapelmann stands ergonomics

As a Senior Auditor in the Internal Auditing department at thyssenkrupp AG, I carry out audits in almost all segments in very different areas of the company. The aim is always to reduce risks and improve efficiency and safety in the respective business processes.

Paying attention to health/work safety, including workplace ergonomics, is part of my everyday work, regardless of the role I was or am in. This is both self-protection and an obligation. Sometimes it helps to point out anomalies to each other. This could be a reference to incorrectly adjusted table or chair heights or simply the question of whether the "reclining seat" is actually perceived as comfortable. I recently walked to the 8th floor after lunch because a colleague showed me how. Exercise rarely does any harm. You just have to pull yourself together. It works best together.

That's why I didn't think twice when a co-organizer of the campaign asked me if I would like to take part. It quickly became clear to me - I'm in! The message behind the campaign is great and I think that the topic of health/work safety can never be given too much attention in everyday working life. It was also a new experience for me to take part in a "real" photo shoot - that was exciting. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again or recommend it to others. I'm also very proud of everyone who actively supported the campaign. It's definitely a great feeling to be a part of it.

Dr. med. Julia Jahn

Dr. med. Julia Jahn

Dr. med. Julia Jahn stands for medical screenings & prevention

As a doctor in the Medical Centre at the occupational health department in the thyssenkrupp Quartier, I take care of the health and safety of our employees. From my experience, I know that the earlier we detect many illnesses, the more successfully they can be treatedThat's why early detection examinations are very important to me.

When my colleagues in the OSH department approached me, it was immediately clear that I would take part in the campaign! And that was a good thing: I was not only able to make a completely new personal experience that I remembered very positively. We also made a statement with the campaign and reached many colleagues with our messages. This also included that health screenings and prevention are the be-all and end-all. Here I would like to add: This is true not only on we care days, but actually every day of the year! Inform yourself and get advice on which preventive check-ups are recommended in your individual situation. Especially in view of the upcoming summer season, it is definitely worthwhile to think about the possibility of early skin cancer detection.

And my message to the OSH team: Great team, great atmosphere and super organised work - it was all so much fun that the colour "orange" was no longer a problem for me in the end☺

Robin Späh

Robin Späh

Robin Späh stands for nutrition

As part of my training as a catering specialist at thyssenkrupp delicate, I naturally run into the subject of nutrition all the time.

Especially in stressful everyday life, it's important to take the time to eat and also pay attention to what and how you eat. You wouldn't think it, but this awareness alone plays an important role in healthy eating. Of course, it's also important to always drink enough water. I mainly work in service, attending to guests and colleagues in the gastronomy facilities of the thyssenkrupp Quarter. I enjoy doing this because I like talking to different and new people. That's why it made sense for me to become part of the we care campaign. What better opportunity to share my knowledge and promote healthy eating?

And it was also a cool experience outside of everyday life. It was fun to go behind the scenes of a campaign shoot and see how the whole thing works

Nickson Onyango

Nickson Onyango

Nickson Onyango stands for exercise

I work at tkIM in the area of "Cloud Computing and Platform" and I am responsible for the management of cloud migration projects as well as the development and administration of the Pharos platform. (Mouse-over: Pharos is a Kubernetes platform that is operated in the cloud and used by many thyssenkrupp internet and intranet websites. )

I spend a lot of time at the computer in my job and to counteract this, I regularly build exercise into my working day. To do this, I take active breaks and, for example, go for short walks around the building or do simple stretching exercises. In my free time, too, I pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and keep my body in motion. I volunteer as a football coach and train an E-youth team (U-11) twice a week, with whom I also take part in championship matches at weekends. In addition, I am one of those people who regularly go jogging and cycling. To track my activities, I use a fitness tracker and have set myself the goal of reaching at least 10,000 steps every day.

As someone who has a proven personal interest in health topics such as nutrition or fitness, I was very happy when I was approached by the colleagues at OSH. I liked the idea of supporting a health campaign that promotes the well-being of employees. I am happy to be part of such an important message and hope that we could motivate many colleagues to take care of their health. Although it was a challenge for me as a newcomer in front of the camera, I am very proud about my participation in the "we care" campaign.

Jackie Tran

Jackie Tran

Jackie Tran stands for resilience & stress management

Dealing with stress in the right way is important for all of us. Because stress can build up quickly - whether in private or at work. The causes are individual for everyone. It is important to understand and learn how to deal with stressful situations properly. What do I personally do to deal with it? I usually get up and move around a bit. Afterwards, I like to treat myself to something delicious to eat or lie down for a while. What counts is that I distract myself and look at things from a different perspective. In this way, many supposedly unsolvable problems have often felt much smaller again.

By the way, I normally work at thyssenkrupp Services in the area of process automation. Our department is called Finance Process Digitisation. We develop bots - computer programs supposed to do manual tasks for our customers. Working in front of the camera was quite a contrast for me - and also a bit of a challenge. I'm generally a bit photo-shy and was really nervous during the shoot.

Nevertheless, it was clear to me that I wanted to support the project when the colleagues from the OSH department - whom I still know from my traineeship back then - approached me. Stress is a part of our lives, and we can learn how to deal with it. It is therefore all the more important to pay so much attention to this topic in this year's we care campaign. I was happy to give my face to this.

Gizem Yavuz

Gizem Yavuz

Gizem Yavuz stands for we.stop reloaded

Normally I work at thyssenkrupp Services and support various projects as a Project Management Officer at thyssenkrupp Steel and also at thyssenkrupp Services itself. So it was a new experience for me to be part of the we care campaign - that was exciting. The great orga team made me feel very comfortable. I could just relax and be myself at the shoot. And the messages are great! Because especially the topics of health and occupational safety are given too little attention in daily working life.

I saw in myself that such campaigns are important: Before the campaign, I didn't know about the we stop card. But I like the idea behind it. It symbolizes looking out for each other and caring for your fellow human beings. I noticed this in particular during the tour of the steel mill in Duisburg. Wherever it's noisy, the actual plastic card is also a super way to make someone aware of potential dangers.

What else I learned: The we stop card is also meant to strengthen dialogue about unsafe conditions or actions. This is important no matter how "small" the issues may be to someone, such as making someone aware when a cable is in the way or the handrail is not being used. In the end it gets a nice momentum - others also dare to approach someone in case of danger or not following safety precautions.

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