Honest feedback is the basis for the further development of our Group of Companies. That is why employees worldwide are given the opportunity once a year to systematically express their opinions on topics such as communication, culture and leadership in the Pulse Check.

But who is actually behind this central feedback tool? A team of coordinators in the segments together with HR and communication colleagues from the headquarters: Melanie Bade, Lara Baszok, René Brennecke, Christoph Bruns, Carolin Eitner, Burhan Eypadin, Katharina Frenz-Knüppel, Jill Hoffmeister, Ricarda Kiebler, Markus Knuth, Boris Kowalak, Piotr Kristowski, Heiko Langscheid, Tobias Mäurer, Ralph Mietusch, Dirk Neuhaus, Emil Olbertz, Lara Ratajczak, Julia Reers, Lukas Reetz, Janina Riahi, Anne Roth, Marc Walberg, Marek Wciórka and Nina Wilke are the #topteam that coordinates and organises the Pulse Check.

What have you achieved as a team?

"For the third time, we have launched the global Pulse Check. We have been working together as a team from the very beginning – across functions and companies.

Specifically, our team consists of representatives from each segment, technical experts and a project team at Corporate. We are responsible for all the steps that make the Pulse Check possible and ultimately deliver the survey results. This includes, for example, developing and agreeing on the questions, determining the organizational structure to be mapped and everything that is needed on the IT side to provide and evaluate answers.

But it also includes preparing the communication to the employees and developing a joint campaign. Fortunately, we are always supported by local colleagues – and in the end, of course, by everyone who takes part in the Pulse Check and openly shares their honest opinion with us."

How did you achieve this together?

"We have a clear project structure and a defined project plan. This helps us all to address the issues efficiently and in a goal-oriented way. After the survey is completed, we always put our cards on the table: What worked well? What would we like to do differently next year? In preparation for the next Pulse Check, the central project team guides us through the essential steps and we regularly exchange ideas with each other: What's next? How can we learn from each other? This exchange is valuable because we realize again and again that we are not alone with the challenges, but also not alone with the successes.”

What does your performance mean for thyssenkrupp?

"The Pulse Check is an important feedback tool at thyssenkrupp. We employees can openly and honestly communicate where we stand from our point of view and where we can still improve. And thyssenkrupp receives impulses for change from the mood of the workforce and can derive measures that make us better.

Congratulations to the #topteam of the Service Line Cross Functions for this great achievement!

Are you also part of a #topteams or do you know people who are? Then send us an email. We look forward to celebrating your successes together!

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