Today, we introduce you to colleagues who are driving us forward with commitment and passion. Our question: What has changed in their workplaces and why is thyssenkrupp the right employer? Because: It is our #GENERATIONTK that sets the course towards the future for thyssenkrupp every day.

Andre Kaiser, thyssenkrupp Steel plant fire brigade, Dortmund

The range of tasks is very varied.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

As deputy head of the plant fire brigade at the Dortmund site, I make sure that we are always ready for action.

The special challenge here is to combine fire-fighting, operational, but also economic interests and goals. The personnel staff structure and the motivation of the employees also play a major role in that.

The range of tasks is very varied. In addition to my local tasks, I am also involved in central cross-site issues such as prevention and training.

What has changed in your workplace?

The core of the job has not changed: We ensure safety at the site and try to avert dangers to people. But there is much more to it today. Especially in the area of training, we are very committed. Nowadays it's not so easy to find colleagues for what used to be your dream job in the fire service.

Why did you decide to work for thyssenkrupp?

My professional career started in mining in 2003. By switching from coal to steel, I was able to optimally combine my industrial roots with my passion for hazard prevention.
The working atmosphere, the "miner" mentality and the cohesion of the people in this sector is unique for me.

Nicolas Paternoga, Senior Auditor Internal Auditing, thyssenkrupp AG, Essen

thyssenkrupp was an attractive target right from the start because of its diverse business.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

As internal auditors, we audit a large number of processes in various thyssenkrupp companies and create added value through risk-oriented and independent audits.

An audit is divided into three project phases. During the audit preparation phase, the focus is on identifying the audit risks, drawing up the audit program, as well as spot checks or analyses.

The "fieldwork phase" is the most challenging for the auditor. The schedule is usually packed with interviews and process recordings. We also evaluate samples and other data or carry out analyses.

For me, this is the most exciting phase of the audit. You visit production lines, warehouses or shipyards and exchange information with colleagues from other countries. In the report writing phase, the risks are identified and measures are agreed upon. This also requires some negotiating skills.

What made you change jobs?

After working for several years in an auditing company, I wanted to take the next step - away from the numbers-heavy daily routine. Since Internal Auditing is very process-oriented, the position of Senior Auditor seemed to be the right one for me. thyssenkrupp was an attractive target right from the start because of its diverse business. Especially in Internal Auditing, you have the opportunity to get to know the most diverse areas and to deal with the specific risks of the respective business processes. That never gets boring.

Why did you choose thyssenkrupp?

At thyssenkrupp I find some conditions that are important to me as an employee. In addition to the strong and global brand, I like the modern workplace including medical care or the canteen in the Quartier in Essen. I also have the opportunity to develop professionally. Above all, the chance to experience the transformation of thyssenkrupp at first hand and to partly shape it was very appealing to me. After the recruitment interviews, it was very easy for me to decide in favour of #GENERATIONTK.

Sovjen Nassim, trainee plant fire brigade, thyssenkrupp Steel, Duisburg

I'm learning how to fight fires and provide technical assistance.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

I am currently in the first part of my 18-month apprenticeship at the plant fire brigade in Duisburg.

I'm learning how to fight fires and provide technical assistance. Always with the goal: to protect people and facilities and to act quickly in an emergency.

How did you get your apprenticeship?

I heard about the possibility of training as a plant firefighter through friends. Then it was easier than I thought, there weren't that many other applicants. The application process, which included a sports test and a company medical examination, went pretty quickly.

Why did you choose thyssenkrupp?

At thyssenkrupp I get exactly the training I want to do, because I am also trained as a medical rescue worker.

The job is perfect, as part of the #GENERATIONTK I can learn something new every day and grow beyond myself.

Lívia Aparecida Ferreira Santos, Senior Auditor Internal Auditing, thyssenkrupp AG, Essen

I also want to be confronted with new challenges and innovative solutions.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

Innovation and digitalisation are among the biggest challenges for companies today. We ask ourselves the question: what does this mean for Internal Auditing?

The use of new technologies and the introduction of digitalised solutions can make processes more efficient, but they also bring new risks. Therefore, I see the main task of Internal Auditing in identifying these risks and pragmatically contributing to their mitigation.

As a senior auditor at thyssenkrupp AG, I have a very dynamic daily work routine. As the scope of my work includes auditing several companies of the group on different topics in Germany and abroad, I am able to contribute my knowledge in various fields and develop myself at the same time.

What made you change jobs?

In the course of private and professional life, priorities often change.

For me, it is now important to find a better balance between work and private life.

I also want to be confronted with new challenges and innovative solutions.

In discussions with various employers, I quickly realised that thyssenkrupp could offer me this package.

Why did you choose thyssenkrupp?

thyssenkrupp is a company with comprehensive technological know-how and was already a reference for me during my industrial engineering studies. With its diversity, thyssenkrupp is both a challenge and an opportunity. A perfect combination. For me, #GENERATIONTK is a sign of a change in values and mentality. It is about building a team with the necessary skills to prepare thyssenkrupp for the future and to make a difference for the company as well as for ourselves.

Just have a look again. We have asked more colleagues our questions.

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