Mrs Henne, coming from thyssenkrupp Material Services (tk MX), you joined the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp AG. And here, too, you are responsible for the segment. Does that change your perspective?

No. I am delighted that I can now represent the segment on the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp AG. It shows how important MX is in the Group. I am also pleased because the materials business is practically part of my DNA. I've been with thyssenkrupp for more than 20 years - all those years at Materials Services. I started out as Head of Sales at thyssenkrupp Christon in Belgium. From 2019, I was a member of the Executive Board at tk MX, having held various CEO positions in different units at Materials Services in the years before that. This means that I know the materials business inside out.

What else are your most important focal points in your new position?

Previously, there was no clear assignment for the topic of sustainability on the Executive Board. This has now changed and we are doing justice to its importance. I will drive the topic forward in all its facets, together and collaboratively with the Business Units. As the person responsible for Information Management, the topics of cyber security and digitalization, including the help of artificial intelligence (AI), are on my agenda. The latter two offer us enormous opportunities for new business models and process optimization, for example. Digitalization is such a broad field that we need to focus on sustainable changes. We must consistently set priorities. I am certain that we can achieve a lot by doing so.

What are the most important goals you want to achieve in 2024?

As for all of us at thyssenkrupp, the best possible performance is of course our top priority - as it is for all areas for which I am responsible. I see good opportunities here, especially when it comes to using AI for business models or for our own productivity. I am also convinced that agile processes can increase our efficiency in the right places. In addition, I hope that the topic of sustainability will become an even greater focus of our actions.

Mrs Henne, it was necessary to nominate a woman for the expansion of the Management Board that has now taken place. Do you see this as a burden?

By no means. As I was responsible for many years as CEO and most recently as a member of the Executive Board at Materials, I am very familiar with the discussion about women in management positions. As before, in my new role I will continue to work to ensure that we become more diverse at thyssenkrupp. But diversity is only one side of the coin, the other and much more important side is inclusion. Because only in an inclusive company that values and promotes the diversity of its employees can diversity develop its full potential.

Communication has always played a major role for you. What does this mean for your work on the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp AG?

We need an open corporate culture. I am convinced of the power of dialogue-oriented communication. Communication is more than just information and is not a one-way street. That's why dialogue opportunities are very important to me. This includes town halls as well as the klar:text format, for example, but above all personal dialogue.

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