Brigitte Götte lives sustainability - privately and at work for 20 years at Automotive Technologies. As environmental officer, she ensures that the factory in Mülheim is in harmony with nature.

Her main task is to maintain and further develop the certified environmental management system. But that's not all: together with her colleagues, Brigitte Götte pushes forward creative and sustainable initiatives.

"Careful and respectful use of all resources"

For example, the factory in Mülheim now has a rainwater retention basin: Rainwater from the production halls is collected and evaporates or seeps into the ground. This creates a new biotope for plants and animals - all by itself without further human intervention.

Directly opposite, a wild meadow is maintained in cooperation with employees of the Fliedner Werkstätten. Thanks to the diverse flowers and the attached insect hotel, there is lively activity especially in the warm months. Several fruit trees complement the wild meadow - a few were planted just last year as part of a tree sponsorship campaign.

“For me, the topic of sustainability has a very high priority. Careful and respectful use of all resources on our planet - that's a simple definition of sustainability for me. This is not just about reducing CO2, sustainability also has a social aspect: careful and respectful use of the most valuable resource on our earth - and that is us humans,” explains Brigitte Götte.

Moreover, her commitment does not stop in her private life: Instead of disposable plastic bags, she uses self-sewn fabric bags and gives them away to motivate others to act sustainably as well.

Would you like to find out more about sustainability at thyssenkrupp? General information, further initiatives and concrete tips for your everyday life you will find on thyssenkrupp (only available for thyssenkrupp employees). #moreorless

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