The next stop? The Asia-Pacific regions and China. Cornelia Zimmer-Reps, Leonie Weber, Karolin Bott, Alexandra Grzywaczewska, Lara-Kristin Baszok, Claus Clasvogt, Christian Vinck, Marcus Prenzel, Fabian Fischer, and Tobias Sehan tell us how they are working together to establish this forward-looking way of working at thyssenkrupp and what it means for our group.

What have you achieved as a team?

"Together, we have inspired 500 project participants to join our "Lean & Agile" projects. The core of our work is to connect people, empower them through a change of perspective, and strengthen employee engagement through participation – all while experimenting with and learning new ways of working, of course. By working together across segments and hierarchies in project teams, employees have the chance to have their voices heard, experience an agile work environment, and take advantage of opportunities they might never have had otherwise. In this way, they understand "I am part of something bigger.“.

A current example of our projects is the "thyssenkrupp bike": Thanks to this "Lean & Agile" project, employees in Germany will be able to lease bicycles at low cost in the near future. But all that is not enough for us! From February we will be launching four projects - the first time across national borders.

It's becoming clear: Our projects are providing important impulses to launch forward-looking changes at thyssenkrupp in response to the challenges of an increasingly complex work environment. In this way we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible every day at thyssenkrupp.“

How did you achieve this together?

"We are a very heterogeneous and interdisciplinary team with really strong team spirit. We like to change and try out new formats, trends and agile ways of working. Through this focus on further development, we constantly challenge and promote ourselves. A great side effect: this means are always up to date – and, of course, are always open to inspiration and impulses from outside. In summary: Our greatest strength is our constantly growing expertise in agility and project management."

What does your performance mean for thyssenkrupp?

"Through our projects, collaboration in teams is redefined. New working methods are tried out and the commitment of employees is strengthened through their own participation. In this way, we prove the value of overarching cooperation and networking. In addition, we are establishing a process of continuous improvement at Group level, forcing a focus on forward-looking issues and prioritizing our limited resources. Last but not least, through the results of our projects and the establishment of new and agile work processes, we are contributing to our positioning as an attractive employer - and this in the currently increasing war for talent."

Congratulations to the #topteam for this great achievement!

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