The EP Corporate Group (EPCG) acquires a 20 percent stake in thyssenkrupp's steel business. In a brief interview, our CEO Miguel López explains why this is an important milestone for us.

Mr. López, what do you expect from the partnership with EPCG?

Through our partnership, we are bringing together the leading materials expertise of our Steel segment with the energy expertise of EPCG. Together, we want to create a high-performance, profitable and future-oriented steel company, reduce the costs of decarbonization to a more competitive level and thus accelerate the green transformation.

Why is now the right time for this?

Like EPCG, we believe that we are on the right track with the green transformation. And we firmly believe that a partnership is exactly the right thing to do at this stage. EPCG is deliberately acquiring the shares in the steel business at this point in time and under the current market conditions because it wants to play an active role in shaping and realigning thyssenkrupp Steel.

We benefit from their energy expertise and can thus accelerate the transformation towards greater competitiveness and CO2 neutrality.

And what happens next?

Our Steel segment is at the beginning of a transformation process. The aim is still its economic independence. This process will take place in several stages over a number of years. The cooperation with EPCG is an important milestone for us. Because: the energy issue must be resolved, otherwise there can be no green steel.

The next decisive step is now to finalize the business plan for the steel business. Once this is in place, it will form the basis for the 50/50 joint venture that we continue to strive for.

What is important to me in all of this is that the partnership with EPCG has no influence on existing works agreements and collective agreements. We stand by our word!

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